Weekend Links: 01

Weekend Links

I'm happy to introduce a new segment, "Weekend Links", which features interesting articles and images we found around the internet that we fell in love with and we think you might enjoy. Without further ado, here's this week's list:

1. The textures and forms of the modern sculptures by Tokyo/Los Angeles based artist Ryosuke Yazaki are stunning.

2. In love with the simple, soft geometric shapes of these ceramic sculptures by Lucien Petit. 

3. Making sure I purchase well made, well designed pieces is a big deal for me. These minimalist ceramic tableware pieces remind me that even items for daily use can be beautiful. 

4. Love how the playful pieces from the OOPS” furniture collection by Pierre Yovanovitch can give you the "sophisticated big-kid" vibe. 

5. Modern designs can look just as good as vintage - this modern oak coffee table.

6. The asymmetry of these latticework bookshelves by Esware Studios give them a beautiful, sculptural look. 

7. I'm pretty much in love with every room in Alvar Aalto’s Maison Carreé. PLEASE do yourself a favor and take a look if you haven't already, and if you have, do yourself a favor anyways and look again. 

8. Anni Albers has been largely forgotten through the ages, but I think it's important to highlight female figures in the world of design. Her Bauhaus patterns and weavings are inspiring. 

9. Very informative article about the architect and furniture designing duo, Afra & Tobia Scarpa. Hoping to get some of their work in our shop in the near future.

10. I've been obsessed with the texture of these stone walls - how does something so old look so good? 


 Thanks for looking through this week's weekend links, hope you found something interesting or inspirational!

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