Weekend Links: 07

Hi all! We're in the thick of the summer season here in LA and 'tis the season to hole up in an air conditioned room and try to stay cool. Here's a new list of Weekend Links to pass the time - enjoy! 

  1. This artist residency in Florence looks like the perfect place to stay when exploring such a beautiful city. 
  2. Love how this modular sofa by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance is reminiscent of warm, soft stones. 
  3. I pretty much like everything this contemporary furniture designer makes. 
  4. I need to make time to visit this museum in Japan someday, even the structure itself looks amazing. 
  5. Sam Maloof’s home also looks like it’s a must-see - all the handcrafted details looks like they would be breathtaking in person. 
  6. I guess the summer heat is giving me the travel bug - judging from the photos, it seems like visiting the Ronchamp chapel by Le Corbusier would be a transformative experience. 
  7. I want one of each of these minimalist vessels by Eric Roinestad.
  8. This cool table is made of a half ton of steel and plays with the viewers sense of perspective and balance - and looks good too!
  9. These interiors by Colin King is giving me major interior design inspo. 
  10. Love all the images in Donald Judd’s book Furniture Retrospective.



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