Hans Brattrud - Making the Impossible, Possible

Hans Brattrud (September 25, 1933 - March 16, 2017) was a Norwegian furniture designer and architect, and is one of Norway’s most famous designers. Progressive and unafraid, his iconic design, the stackable “Scandia” dining chair, simply began as a school assignment and was believed to be impossible to manufacture, but went forward to win many prestigious awards. 

Portrait of Hans Brattrud in 1958

Brattrud decided early on in his life (12 years old to be exact) that he wanted to be a designer. Given the choice between completing a student’s degree or obtaining a craft education in order to be admitted into the State Craft and Arts Industry School in Oslo, he quickly chose the latter and began work at a furniture workshop near his hometown of Dokka. After a year at the workshop and a subsequent apprenticeship at a company named Løkka Trevareindustri, Brattrud was admitted into State Craft and Arts Industry School in 1953. There, he was able to study under the tutelage of several of Norway’s leading designers such as Lars Hjelle, Bjørn A. Larsen , Birger Dahl and Tormod Alnæs. 

Hans Brattrud Scandia Junior ChairThe Scandia Junior Chair



In 1957, for the purpose of a school project, Brattrud designed what became known as the Scandia Junior chair. Featuring laminated bent wood rods and chrome-plated metal frames, his eye catching design, although brilliant, was believed to be impossible to manufacture due to production limitations at that time. Unperturbed by his professors’ skepticism, Brattrud went on to find a newly developed production technique at a trade fair in Germany in 1958 (in this case, hardening glue at an industrial scale via high-frequency electricity), and persisted in searching for a manufacturer that would accept this new challenge. Luckily in 1960, Hove Mobler began production of the Scandia Jr., and the Scandia range was extended to include the Scandia Vipp, Scandia Prince, and Scandia Senior chairs. 

Hans Brattrud Scandia Senior ChairsThe Scandia Senior Chairs

Although Brattrud had a relatively short design career, he won many awards, including a gold medal from the Bavarian state government for Scandia Jr. and a gold medal for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council. Additionally, in 2017, the Scandia Jr. chair was voted Top 30 in DogA (Design and Architecture Norway) and (Norwegian newspaper) Aftenposten's project "Norway's Best Design".

Hans Brattrud Scandia Lounge Chair

The Scandia Lounge Chair

Hans Brattrud’s iconic Scandia range will definitely continue to be a lasting legacy in modern design. However, something more innocuous but vital to look to from his career would be his drive to do what was thought to be impossible in the world of design, and the resulting impact that was obtained from it. Designers and collectors alike can appreciate the determination and innovation Brattrud emphasized throughout his career.

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