Weekend Links: 08

Hi all! It's the time of year when I (hopelessly) hope that the weather here will cool down and I can start enjoying the fall season again. I hope you enjoy these weekend links as much as I did collecting them. Stay cool (or warm depending on where you are) out there! 

  1. I’m really enjoying Jacques Jarrige’s playful, sculptural designs like this stool or this table
  2. The organic lines found all throughout the aptly named ‘Organic House’ by Javier Senosiain are stunning.
  3. I would love to collect a piece from Atelier Marolles one day. 
  4. I love these chunky, textural furniture pieces by Lisa Ertel.
  5. These warm-toned interiors have a lovely, peaceful quality to them that I hope to achieve in our own home. 
  6. I’ve been really into these minimalist pieces by Axel Einar Hjorth lately.
  7. I pretty much want to sit and read in every room of this house
  8. These delicate “symbol vases” by Nicolette Johnson have a beautiful form that I love.
  9. Love how urushi (a Japanese lacquer) is used to create the lustrous surface of this minimalist bench.
  10. If I’m ever in need of a burst of inspiration, all I have to do is look at photos of the beautiful home of J.B. Blunk.



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