Weekend Links: 10

Hi all! Happy New Year! It's been a bit since the last "Weekend Links" post, but we're back for 2020! Without further ado, here's Weekend Links No. 10: 

  1. Love the forms of these ceramics by Kerryn Levy.
  2. Each of the rooms in the Utsav House located in Mumbai, India, are simply beautiful and feel so nostalgic and airy. 
  3. I love how this new luxury ski resort designed by Pierre Yovanovitch meshes quirky pieces with elegant interiors.
  4. Love the pops of blue in this Oak Tree House.
  5. These hyper-real, 3D renderings of interiors by @yaroslav.priadka uses pops of color with scandinavian modern design to make super cool spaces.
  6. These tableware pieces by Keiichi Tanaka are minimal, yet have a beautiful form.
  7. I can scroll for hours through this design-heavy blog
  8. These brass parabolas by Hector Esrawe are so beautiful in their luminance.
  9. This quirky one room studio home shows that no space is too small for amazing design.
  10. Love these marble and stone stools made by Studio Guillaume Delvigne - the simple curves and minimalist design are stunning.



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